10 Creepy And Mysterious Phantom Vehicles


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During the ’60s and ’70s, the people under Soviet rule had plenty to be worried about. From the Cold War to the many dangers and shortcomings of their own governmental system, their daily life was laced with small doses of terror. However, there was one entity that was particularly frightening: the Black Volga. Nobody knew who drove the Black Volga. Some said it was priests, some said nuns, some swore it was Satan worshipers—some even claimed the devil himself was behind the steering wheel. The Black Volga was a Volga limousine with white rims and curtains that came out of nowhere. Sometimes, its rearview mirrors were actually horns. It abducted children and killed anyone who approached it (sometimes instantly, sometimes the victim would mysteriously drop dead exactly 24 hours later). No one knew why it took the children; maybe they were sold for rich Arabs who needed their blood as a cure for leukemia, maybe the kids were just harvested for their organs. The myth of the Black Volga was widely spread throughout the vast areas of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and Mongolia. Although there is no hard evidence to support (or, for that matter, debunk) the story, it’s worth noting that Volga limos were the most expensive cars available to the Soviets at the time. As such, they were mostly driven by politruks (Soviet political commissars) and other Communist Party officials—the very class responsible for the people’s plight.

There Nothing Scary About Our Limos Though

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So when I was younger and I stayed at my grandparents’ house I always had a strange feeling of being watched. My grandparents live in a really small town in Minnesota. I often got nightmares when I slept in my aunt’s room and when I stayed in my mother’s old room I always saw these figures outside. I swear on my life this is true.

I am a night owl so I stay up late. At my grandparents’ I had nothing to do so at night I would just look across the street from the window in my mom’s old room. After a couple nights of just staring out the window I saw a large, black limo driving down the street. At first I thought nothing of it, but the limo came back and kept driving around my grandparents’ house. I was scared shiatless. I was to afraid to go wake anyone up so I just tried to sleep it off. Keep in mind this is a really small town in Minnesota where they don’t even have their own high school. It was extremely unlikely to have a giant limo driving around the same block all night.

A few months later I went back to my grandparents’ and it happened again. It happens every time I go there up to this day. I don’t know what to do. I can’t really tell anyone because they would think I’m crazy.

Maybe it sound kind of stupid of me to be so afraid of a car that drives around in the middle of the night, but I have the worst feeling when I am in that room. Plus, whenever I sleep in the other rooms I get sick or have a panic attack for no reason. I always feel watched at their house. I honestly still won’t sleep there.

We promise not one of our Limos at M&V are Haunted

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