Limo and Bus Safety

It is our number one priority to provide our clients with the safest transportation in the industry. We have a number of ways and controls in place to make sure that we are delivering the utmost in safety and reliability. We have an excellent safety record after being in business for over 25 years. The following are safety precautions we take here at M&V Limousines:

Our Vehicles

  • Our vehicles are built by FMCSA approved builders that meet federal standards and guidelines.
  • Our New limousines have fifth doors up front which gives an additional exit out of the vehicle
  • When required, all our vehicles go through a thorough NYS DOT inspection every six months making sure they are safe and up to all standards required.
  • All our vehicles have GPS tracking so that we can see where they are at any given time. We get an alert in the unlikely event that a driver is speeding, harsh braking or driving erratically. This system also alerts us if a vehicle is due to be serviced.
  • Our vehicles have up to $5 million in insurance.
  • We employ two full time mechanics and have our own maintenance facility, this way we can stay on top of maintenance and fix something immediately if there is a mechanical issue, and also to do preventative maintenance.
  • Our vehicles are updated regularly and we incorporate the latest in limousine and bus safety technology available.
  • We are in the process of putting cameras in all of our vehicles to monitor the chauffeurs in real time to insure your safety.

Our Chauffeurs

  • Our chauffeurs are background checked and their licenses are run to make sure they are up to our standards to drive our clients.
  • Our chauffeurs are drug tested and entered into a random drug testing pool.
  • Chauffeurs fill out a vehicle safety report and checklist before each trip.
  • Chauffeurs go through extensive and ongoing training on vehicle safety and customer management.
  • Chauffeurs sign a Rules, Policy and Regulations acknowledgement when hired.
  • Chauffeurs are managed by GPS and soon will be watched in real time via on board cameras. Our bus driver are on our 19a roster as required by NYS and we are alerted if they have any infractions through our driver LENS program. This is an optional program that NYS offers, that we opted into and pay for, as another level of safety.